Webelos Experience in the Woods - Nov. 1-3, 2019 - Stearns Scout Camp


Webelos Experience in the Woods

Friday November 1st – Sunday November 3rd

Stearns Scout Camp, 3303 County Road 44, South Haven, MN 55382



"Webelos Experience in the Woods" is the first opportunity for Webelos Scouts to learn what Scouts BSA is all about.  

This is a weekend outdoor program for 4th and 5th Grade Webelos to aid them in their transition into Scouts BSA as well as having tons of fun and meeting other Webelos. 

It gives them a preview into scout skills and camping using the patrol method in a Scouts BSA-led outdoor adventure. They will work together as a patrol under the leadership of Scouts BSA youth acting as their Patrol Leader’s, under the guidance of an adult Scoutmaster and Assistant Scout masters, with multiple Webelos Scout patrols formed into a Scout Troop. Parents will be nearby and will get a preview of what their Webelos would expect when they cross over to Scouts BSA.

This weekend event gives the Webelos a little taste of the independence and self-reliance they learn in Scouts BSA.  Webelos Woods helps to earn some of their advancements towards their Webelo & Arrow of Light Awards as well as their Trailhead Award. It will also help them to cross-over to Scouts BSA; as the Webelos will be cooking and participating in all activities as a Scouts BSA patrol.

It also offers an opportunity for parents to gain a perspective on how the Scout-led, Adult-guided methods of Scouts BSA are different from the Adult-led Cub Scouting program.

The weekend Activities will include:

  • Forming Patrols & making Patrol Flags
  • Troop style campfires
  • Scout Skills Rotations
  • BB Guns, Archery & Climbing
  • Information for Webelo’s Parents & Leaders on the Scouts BSA Program



Webelos Registration Fee $30

Parent/leader Registration Fee $20


Aquila Team – Crow River, Lake Minnetonka, Mustang, Northern Lights, Three Rivers & Trailblazer Districts




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