Order of the Arrow: New Arrow of Light Ceremony

Mustang district unit leaders:

As many of you may have heard there is a new Arrow of Light (AOL) ceremony that replaces the previous version that The Order of the Arrow was required to perform.  

In past years our District's OA Chapter has performed all AOL ceremonies in the district as a service to the units. However, this new ceremony does not require the performer to be an Order of the Arrow member.  The new ceremony is not Native American-based and requires no regalia (costumes).  

This opens the possibility for troops to perform AOL Ceremonies for the Cub Scout packs within our District.  Only one scout is required to complete this ceremony and this is a good opportunity to introduce cub scouts with boys from troops they may be crossing over into.  

Here is the link to the new ceremonies:

The Order of the Arrow stands ready to assist the Troops in performing these ceremonies, with training and logistical support.  

Please have the OA rep or Senior Patrol Leader from any troop that recruits Cubs from your Pack contact our Vice Chief of Ceremonies, Kurt L., at or our adult Ceremony Team Advisor, Jeff Hickstein, at


Jay L.

Mustang OA Chapter Chief

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