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  • Calling Scouting Actors!
    Calling Scouting Actors!

    We’re looking for youth members, parents and leaders who are interested acting in a new movie - “No Place for Fear.” This short film (25 minutes) is the story of two Cub Scout friends who find themselves in an impossible situation, where they must use their Scout training to save lives. Including their own.

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  • 2019 School Night for Scouting
    School Night for Scouting

    The 2019 School Night for Scouting makes it easy for kids to join Scouting at any elementary school in the state!

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  • 2019 Distinguished Citizen Award Dinner
    Distinguished Citizen Award Dinner

    Congratulations, Jay Lund, Chairman and CEO of Andersen Corporation!

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  • 2019 Scouting for Uniforms
    Scouting for Uniforms

    Help a Scout in need, donate your used uniform.

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